Technical Specifications

All Ginger Monkey wall decals and wallpaper is made from a patented adhesive fabric material called PhotoTex. It is compatible with pigment, water based, solvent, eco-solvent, latex, and UV- inks.

Phototex gives you vivid, sharp print results with brilliant colours. The Adhesive is Re-movable, Re-usable and Re-positional. This fabric media separates itself from all other products on the market using vinyl or similar fabrics.

It will stick to virtually any painted surface (in all weather and room temperature changes), and can be easily removed with a 99% guarantee the surface will be residue free. The material does not rip or wrinkle and is not required to be removed over a certain period of time. Results will vary on stucco and eggshell painted surfaces.

Not recommended for brick, non-painted cement surfaces, or heavy painted spackled wall board. Make sure you allow 30-days on newly painted surfaces for out-gassing (to prevent bubbling or failure) and all walls MUST have been primed (to prevent issues). Also, always check the cure setting on UV and UV curable printers to avoid over heating the adhesive, and altering its tack. Do not oversaturate UV inks and in certain cases you may need to leave a small boarder – again, only UV inks and more important UV Curable should be tested in house first.


* Pigment, water based/aqueous, solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV inks

* Kiss/Die cutting (slower speed, rounded corners & 60 degree carbide or high grade knife to prevent fraying)

* Liquid or spray protective coatings for outdoor use in most cases and if wanting to clean/wipe

* Fire rating: All material is Class I or A: ESTM 84, NFPA 101, 500 and international code 803.1.1 fire rated


Material Polyester Fabric

Thickness with backing .012

All of the backers are 100gsm.

All of the weight of the materials is 240gsm.

Thickness of all the material is 280mic.

Print side Inkjet coating with adhesive on back side / .006

Back side Paper liner that peels off prior to application / .006

Ink Limit (according to profiles)

Pigment/Water: - indoor or outdoor

Dye based inks: - mixed results use pigment/water base version

Solvent inks: - (S) series – indoor or outdoor – liquid laminate for outdoor longevity

Eco-solvent - indoor and outdoor - needs liquid or spray lamination for outdoor.

Latex inks: - - indoor and outdoor – recommend water base version for outdoors, still may want to liquid laminate for outdoor longevity

UV-UV curable inks: - indoor and outdoor use (do not over saturate if bleeding as in rare cases curling can occur due to printing very heavy solids). May need to add a border. Also, curling during printing can weaken adhesive. Make sure you test in-house first.

Keep all heat settings at 40-50 Celsius (100-120 degrees) during all printing phases.

Outdoor Use: 6-12 months weather proof/fading , if you print with pigment inks, water based and UV 1-12 months weather proof warranty, if you print with solvent or latex inks – all results may vary by region and therefore we recommend liquid *laminating or clear coating.

Do not use outdoors with Eco-solvent inks unless you liquid or clear coat. Latex inks last longer using are water base Indoor Use: We have had this product hanging without any issues concerning curling or shrink indoors for 10+ years using all inks. We have seen a good one year + when the product is liquid laminated or clear coated outdoors.

Compatibility and more

* We have had success with all inkjet format printers and good results with grand format flatbed printers.

* Dye inks vary, Try fixation parameters of 350° F / 40 seconds dwell / 40 psi.

* Works with offset (lithographic) presses in sheet form.

* Works with DI press (Indigo, Nexpress, Igen).

*  It is environmentally safe and bio-degradable over time, No PVC and nontoxic.

*  There is no Glycol-Ether or Formaldehyde in the adhesive and no Detrimental concerns of Phthalates.


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